Martine has recently finished a full cast BBC Radio 4 drama for Woman's Hour, Writing the Century 9, playing the secretary of Linton Andrew's, former editor of the Yorkshire Post.
World Wide Pictures' Paws on the Moors, has just one a Gold Remi Award at Worldfest Houston Film and Video Festival in the category 'Educational/instructional - children'. Martine was thrilled to play Tessa (a very posh dog) and Jean, a scatty middle aged dog owner from Manchester in this animated story with lots of 'behaviour', countryside advice and one or two ticks!
Martine was also thrilled to narrate for two other award winning publishers, Q and D Multimedia and ShooFly Publishing who were in the limelight again at 2008’s BETT Awards. (read more)
and leaders in the field of children’s interactive media resources. Martine’s multiple-role (11 in all) island of caricatures in Strumbie Island (Granada) from accident prone fathers to tweens, toddlers, bullies and a girl with a very blocked up nose, is still remembered fondly (voicing various stages of chronic cold, chronic shyness, sneezing, laughing, long-jumping and strawberry eating contests) whilst Little Red Hiding Wood (ShooFly) offered a traditional tale as narrative poem, with a twist of course and fantastic visuals. Both projects were enormous fun. Long may the relationships continue.(hide)
As the voice of the Co-op, Martine often suggests that we all BOGOF in-store, whilst in 2007 she coaxed you to try Soya Milk, on Sky. What’s all this with her and food?
Martine has recently recorded several projects for the corporate, tourism and educational sectors – York Boat’s new audio Time Tour - a dramatic and gruesome history of York, My Knowledge Map’s business Multi-Port e-Portfolio and Capability Matrix study guides and Little Red Hiding Wood, for ShooFly Publishing.
Other recordings include Talking Heads - gritty contemporary drama for Radio, by Helen Shay and The Lyrical Ballads, the first of a series of literature and poetry resources (Zig Zag Education (>)) (read more)
including Wordsworth’s lesser known Goody Blake and Harry Gill, The Thorn, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner and The Idiot Boy,(hide)
for GCSE and GCE.
Not all Martine's voice work involves narration or characters for audio drama and audio books, commercials, animation and children’s books.
Martine’s genuine British neutral accent (native South) and easy RP have been used for a huge range of corporate and commercial voiceovers in Britain and internationally (read more on voice type)
described as authoritative, energetic yet mumsy – Martine is used for a growing comedy repertoire and range of real person, zany and inanimate characters for adverts and promos, dramatic ‘in-situ’ narratives and documentaries as well as serious roles, conversational, straight narration and infomercials, strong women (of a certain age), comic vamps, terrorists, teachers, extremely posh, extremely thick or extremely rough. Of course there are also the dragons, germs, mad scientists and the clinically insane!(hide)
including seasonal Christmas sweepers and ads for WRBS Radio (USA), TV bumpers (UKTV Drama), e-guides, technical and medical reads, industrial projects, interactives, travel guides, Arts and Heritage projects and Audio-Description. With a growing range of accents, (read more)
including “Standard” and a variety of regional Northern, expansive voice age playing range and history of multiple role, (hide)
Martine records regularly for educational publishers (fiction and non-fiction), and lately has launched her first podcast for children. (read more)
For the Under 12’s DON’T MISS the new Podcast PirateRadio4Kids (click here for previews and download sales)(hide)
She has also been busy as Audio Creative for Anim8ed Stories, a National Media Museum 2 phase residency in schools from Key Stages 1-4 with final animations. The BAFA 2009 Best Young Animators Award went to 1 of the 12 stories created as part of the 2008/09 Anim8ed Project, Immersion Emergence - the ancient tragedy of Soni and Mahiwal.
Visit for further details and the full list of winners.

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