- Audition technique
- Reading for performance (Verse and Prose)
- Speech
- Improvisation
- Mime
- Mic Technique
- Acting
- Musical Theatre
- Shakespeare in performance
Lessons in Performance and Speech may include (more)
exploration of posture and breathing, facial expression, gesture, body language and movement, voice production (including clarity and diction, effective use of the voice and speech problems). naturalness and spontaneity and knowing your audience. The mix and approach will vary depending on what aspect of performance is studied and whether an examination syllabus is followed. (hide)
Clients include actors, authors, Stage Coach Performing Arts, children, students, teachers and trainers, office staff, fitness instructors and more. Performers and presenters, whether studying for their profession or just for enjoyment can work on specific skills and projects, LAMDA, New Era or RADA performance syllabuses or have a one-off or series of lessons in preparation for a specific production.
As well as the basics of visual and verbal communication and performance, specific stagecraft and theatre styles may be developed, as appropriate to Musical Theatre, Acting, Audition Technique, Public Speaking / Debating and Literature Recital.
Reading techniques for performance and for Speakers of English as a Second Language will look at Sight Reading techniques, pronunciation, Clarity and Diction, Eye-Contact, Pausing and Grammatical and Dramatic Emphases.
The RADA Shakespeare Certificate is available to individuals and groups interested in accessing the plays and poems in performance. It provides an opportunity to develop useful acting, audition and reading skills and also provides the chance to supplement any GCE or GCSE school study of the plays and poems as literature.
- Personal and Professional presentation techniques for individuals and groups
- Interview technique
- Public Speaking Using Text
Clients have included the NHS (Hampshire PCT), DEFRA, O2, Call Centres, Southampton, Eastleigh, Fareham and Cricklade (Andover) Colleges, Independent Schools, tertiary and Adult Education establishments, day care centres, and the Diocese of Portsmouth. She’s even coached a trainee deacon!
Sessions on presentation are tailored to each client’s individual needs. They include exploration and development of visual and verbal techniques to engage an audience, adaptations for situation and venue and exploration of verbal emphases. Approaches in developing spoken word skills focus on applying breathing and postural techniques physically with the emphasis placed on creating a well-modulated voice, suitable to purpose. Any exercises are accessible and flexible, depending on the age and physical abilities of the individual. Strategies for controlling of nerves, safe use of voice, projection and use of visual aids / text will be explored as required.
Examination syllabuses, including Medals and Diplomas with LAMDA, New Era Academy and RADA are available and may be studied, if desired.
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Audition technique
Voice Production
Speaking without notes
Musical Theatre
Presentation and Communication Skills
Personal and Professional presentation techniques, Interview technique, Public Speaking Using Text